OCC 1215 (Revised 08/15) 

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  • Emergency contact form should be updated annually. If the information remains same, you can update the form by initialing at the bottom.
  • Please note that, due to the State regulations, we are not able to administer any medication, not even an over the counter medication, without a properly signed authorization form. Therefore, when you visit your child's doctor, please take a Medication Administration Authorization form with you. It may help you avoid a second visit. 

Bright House

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Bright House Family Child Care

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OCC 1214 (Revised 07/15)  

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OCC 1216 (Revised 08/15)
Please note that Health Inventory and Emergency Form are required before enrolling at Bright House Family Child Care. You can download the required forms from Maryland State Department of Education website. Electronically fillable forms are also available.

Please click below to download the required forms.